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Decorex Cape Town

Decorex Cape Town is one of the biggest expo’s Cape Town has to offer in terms of both the appliance and general expo size. We were honoured to join Decorex Cape Town as it was the first Decorex expo post-covid-19.

What did we do at Decorex Cape Town?

We brought awareness to the Cape Town public, showing off the unique features that Gree Direct has to offer as well as introducing Gree’s 10-year warranty.

Our Incentives:

We handed out a bunch of brochures depicting snippets of what we have to offer. We also handed out Gree branded pens and torches. To top it all off we also hosted a giveaway with a Gree V4' Matic 12000BTU Inverter prize for FREE!

How did the participants enter?

To enter, all participants had to do was tear off their ticket found on the Gree Decorex Perforated Pamphlet, enter their details, and give in their ticket. This instantly gave each of the participants a 10% discount off of any Gree unit purchase.

How many participants entered?

We had a total of 200 tickets and made contact with a large majority offering our 10% discount for potential sales.

How was the winner chosen?

For the first time in Gree Direct history, we hosted an Instagram live, in which we had our sales rep, Shaun, pull a ticket from a jar full of names. As luck would have it another Shaun had been picked, our Gree V4' Matic 12000BTU Inverter had been won by Shaun Hendricks.

We’d like to thank everyone for their support over at Decorex Cape Town. We had such a great time introducing so many new faces to Gree Direct’s innovation, our latest inverter, and the opportunity to win a Gree V4’matic 12000 BTU Inverter.


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