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What's Better than comfort for up to 10 Years Guaranteed?

At GREE Direct, we are the only air-conditioning company that goes above and beyond for all our clients, we guarantee quality on all our products and unit with a straight swap-out warranty on any mechanical faults for up to 10 consecutive years.

If you have a GREE unit and you wish to register it, please register in the form below to qualify for your warranty.

How to Keep it active?

Here are the few steps that are required for our 10-year warranty to stay active and leave you stress-free.

Bi-Yearly Service

All our units need to be serviced twice a year with our official GREE Direct technical teams in order to qualify for the warranty.

Each service is at a cost of R650.

Official GREE team

We only allow installation, maintenance, and repair through our official GREE Direct in-house technical teams. Any third-party installation or service will disqualify you from our warranty.

Register all your units

To activate your warranty on any unit, you will need to register it through us. You can either contact us directly or register online here.

Our Warranty Policy

Read through our warranty policy to fully understand our coverage, implications, and limitations: Click here.

Warranty Registration

Register your GREE unit and Qualify for our Warranty Today!

Personal Information

Unit Details

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