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The First Ever AC
Helmet in the World

Experience Gree like never before with our brand new innovation the AC helmet. Fitted for maximum comfort whilst providing top-class HVAC heating and cooling.


Our AC Helmet works on solid-state cooling technology and is equipped to provide cooling up to 24ºC instantly! Four vents placed across the helmet provide a uniform cooling experience, keeping the user sweat-free, comfortable, and productive on the job and throughout the working day.

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Helmet Models

Perfect for all industries

We’re proud to bring you the first air-conditioned safety helmet perfect for use in the following industries providing you with clean breathable air.

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Perfect for cooling in a hot and humid environment.



Long working hours in a busy environment is no problem.


Utility Services

Working in dense areas with tough smells and dirty air is no longer a problem with the AC Helmet.


Security Services

Long hours outdoors can be quite uncomfortable but we have you covered.

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