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Protecting your AC System from Power Surges


Protecting your AC System from Power Surges

Your expensive heating and cooling equipment might not immediately spring to mind when you think about surge protection; instead, you typically think of gadgets like laptops, TVs, and stereos. But just like your computer and other electronics, your AC (air conditioner) equipment contains sensitive circuits that require surge protection. Since AC equipment is more expensive than TVs and stereos, surge protection for AC equipment is crucial.

While lightning may be the cause most often cited for power surges, your electricity provider (ESKOM) and your personal usage of high-power electrical appliances like refrigerators and hair dryers are much more likely culprits.

A single surge can destroy your AC system, but even if it doesn't appear to do any harm, frequent surges will wear down your system. When there is a surge, a surge protector will monitor the current going into your AC system and cut it off, shutting it down.

The only thing left to do is understand how to restart your AC system once it has been shut off once your surge protector has been installed. Since the right technique may vary from system to system, it is essential to get in touch with the installer of your system for this. The manual that comes with your AC unit is another option.

When it comes to protecting such a significant investment in your home as your AC system, a small investment in a surge protector makes sound financial sense. Even if your system managed to withstand each power spike individually, they all do some sort of harm. This damage will eventually shorten the lifespan of your AC system by several years.

Our GREE Direct repair team is available to assist you at any moment.

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