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Signs that your air conditioner needs to be cleaned

Cleaning and sanitizing your air conditioner on a regular basis is critical for its overall efficiency and functionality. Furthermore, it will aid with the removal of dust, grime, mould, and mildew that accumulates deep within the machine, spreading germs and allergens throughout your home. There are a few telltale symptoms that your air conditioner needs to be cleaned right away.

Mold and mildew have taken over the outdoor vents.

When the air conditioner is turned on, you can notice mould on the external vents, which means it's time for a full cleaning and sanitization. The inside of the machine is most likely filled with mould and its hazardous spores by the time this microbial contamination may be noticed on the external vent.

Dust and filth have accumulated on the air conditioning filter.

This microbial infection stops your air conditioner from operating at peak efficiency. A filthy filter is commonly the first clue that an air conditioner needs to be cleaned, and it should be cleaned every three months if the air conditioner is used frequently. While it comes to the filter, you can do it yourself, but you should always use caution when cleaning electrical components. A clogged filter disperses particles throughout the air, which can be problematic for allergy sufferers.

When the air conditioner is turned on, it blows heated air instead of cool air.

Many people rely on their air conditioners to provide year-round comfort for their home or office, so it's annoying when it doesn't chill the room as well as it should. The first step in resolving this issue is to thoroughly clean the air conditioner, as it is likely to be inefficient. It could be a refrigerant leak on rare occasions, however this is a rather uncommon problem.

The air conditioner is rattling, wheezing, or puffing.

Any strange noise originating from your air conditioner should be addressed immediately. If the problem isn't fixed, the noises will get worse. It's possible that a fan, bolt, or panel is loose, or that the fan has become imbalanced due to dust accumulation. It's also possible that the coil fins will need to be cleaned. It's critical to get to the bottom of this issue as soon as possible.

The air conditioner is emitting a foul smell.

Air conditioners feature a drain pan that can become blocked, allowing mould and mildew to grow and emit their musty smell. Small animals, such as lizards, are attracted to the wet and dark space, and become lodged and disintegrate, adding to the stinky condition. This is a good moment to use a HydroKleen.

Your air conditioner hasn't been cleaned in over a year.

You may not notice any of the preceding indicators that indicate the need for a clean and sanitize, but be certain that if it's been more than a year since your air conditioner was cleaned, it will be harboring dust, filth, and microbiological contamination. Recirculating these allergens through the air can make us all feel sneezy and unwell, not to mention the extra energy expenditures of running an ineffective air conditioner!

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