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What can you expect from a professional air conditioning cleaning?

To keep your air conditioner clean and sanitized, we recommend cleaning it at least once a year. Cleaning the filters once in a while isn't the same as cleaning them thoroughly. A filter clean should definitely be included in your overall maintenance plan, but it's not the only thing that has to be done. For example, if your automobile repair merely cleans the oil, it may be fine for a time, but eventually it may require new spark plugs, tyre rotation, or a new timing belt. The same principles apply to air conditioning maintenance. When you hire a professional to clean and sanitize your air conditioner once a year, you should expect the following:

Before you begin cleaning your air conditioner, make sure it is turned off.

Your technician should show up on time and talk to you about how your air conditioner has been functioning lately. They should be industry specialists that are professionally trained and qualified and are familiar with the many parts and operations of your air conditioner. They should verify the 'chill factor' and air flow before starting a clean.

Filter maintenance.

A thorough cleaning of the filters should be included in any air conditioner cleaning. Your annual clean won't be complete without a vacuum, a sponge, and soapy water. Throughout the cleaning procedure, a HydroKleen employs specialized equipment.

All air conditioner components should be cleaned.

A professional clean should involve a complete cleaning of the scroll fan and surround, the coil, the drain, and the electrical components, such as the PC boards, as well as a dry clean of the electrical components. The remote controls, as well as the plastic fascia, should be wiped clean. Finally, if your outdoor condenser unit is at ground level, we will clean it; condenser units on your roof or exposed to the weather are self-cleaning.

Cleaning your air conditioner in its last stages.

Before leaving, have your technician examine the 'chill factor' and air flow for performance improvements. Any problems with your air conditioner should be documented, and advice on any additional measures you need to take should be provided.

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